Collection: DIY Painterly Artisan Paint

Painterly is a unique type of artist paint for furniture, decor and canvas. Painterly and DIY clay based paint are made blend together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly. Painterly dries lighter with a matte and can be deepened with a top coat or wax. It does not have a top coat in it so it will reactivate with water.
Embracing a loose and non-traditional approach, painterly is designed to offer the brilliance and heavy body of an acrylic paint with the blendability and reactivation of a water color. Painterly is non acrylic, not clay based, not oil based and not a water color paint. It is a Japanese pigment and a binder, like a cross between an acrylic and watercolor paint that does not include any plastic in it like acrylic paint. This unique artistic formula blurs the lines between furniture art and traditional painting. Painterly comes in clear 4 oz tubes and is known for its heavy-bodied, highly pigmented, thick consistency.