5 Ways to use Sari Silk!!! (other than in a journal)

5 Ways to use Sari Silk!!! (other than in a journal)

If you know me you know I love sari silk ribbon, so I started a subscription box with the focus of sari silk ribbon and trim samples.  I'm obsessed y'all!

But what if you're not into journaling or journal making? I thought, what else can I do with it?  And here you go! 5 different ways, besides paper crafting, to use sari silk ribbon! Now y'all go out and get creative! and get my box, to get a steady supply! You are gonna love it!!

I made these fun earrings because I needed this color! so fun and so easy! 

Handcrafted earrings!

This is the easiest, just tie it to the pendant and tie it around your neck!  Undo it and use another way!

To customize any pendant!

For all my crafters and creators! Is it too early to plan for next Christmas?? Never!

Cute accents on any crafting.

For gift wrapping!


Sari Silk is an amazing tool for so much more than journal making! Don't get me wrong, I love a good journal tag! But, if you want awesome ribbon for crafting, check out my VBM Subscription Box! It gives every month!

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